Sophia Latjuba Seductive Smile Wearing Mini Skirt, Netizen: The Real Vampire : Okezone Celebrity

SOPHIA Latjuba amazed netizens again. The artist shows off her body goals in a mini dress.

How not, at the age of 50 years, this German-blooded star still looks like a teenager. Many netizens do not believe that the actress is already 50 years old.

This can be seen in the mother of two’s latest post on Instagram. In the upload, she shows off her portrait in a soft color mini dress that shows her slim body.

Sophia Latjuba looks natural because she wears simple makeup and lets her hair down just like that. In this photo, he is seen smiling at the camera.

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Although it looks simple, the upload has reaped hundreds of netizen comments. They praised the appearance of Eva Celia’s mother who always looks youthful.

“50 yrs?!?!?! Amazing, ”said the netizen as if in disbelief.

“PPKM has been extended, look at this, it’s getting a little cool, head,” another commented.

“OMG Forever young,” puji netizen.

“Simple but still charming,” said another.

“The real vampire,” praised another.

“ABG auto insecure seeing this,” wrote a netizen.

“Miss half-human-vampire huh? Don’t add to his age, “said netizens.

“What kind of herbal medicine are you drinking, how come it’s really durable,” commented netizens curiously.


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