Sophia Ernst showed a sultry figure in a bright bikini. Photo

Sophia Ernst shared her beach shots on the Web.

Sophia Ernst. Photo:

The wife of Channel One CEO Konstantin Ernst – Sophia Ernst – showed unexpected activity on her instagram. The actress rarely fills her blog, and here, while on vacation, she first showed all three of my children in one shot and loaded a whole series of photos in a bikini. Which, too, was not noticed behind her. Apparently, the sun, sea and carelessness played a role.

“Honestly, I didn’t expect from myself!” – the artist admitted on her personal blog, posting several photos in a bikini.

Ernst’s beloved noticed that beach photo shoots are actually very tiring, but for the sake of her fans she decided on them. It is worth noting that Sophia really approached the matter with a soul, trying to appear attractively in the photo, but at the same time chastely, without losing face and not belittling the status of a mother and wife with many children.

Followers appreciated the work of their favorite with numerous comments, in which they noticed that she really looks decent in the pictures.

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