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Soothed the “blood”! Anna Buzova decided to take the place of the leading “House-2”

While Olya is preparing for the wedding, her sister cannot be happy with the long-awaited victory!

Anna is so tired of being in the eternal position of “No. 2” in her relationship with her more successful sister, that now these relations have grown from “bloodstains” into open hostility. Very soon, the wedding of Olga and the enterprising blogger David Manukyan will take place, which will continue with a honeymoon, during which the leading “Dom-2” will definitely not be on the TV screens. And there is already close to maternity leave. Anna is well aware that she will not have the best time to get around an unbearable sister. So she sat up the “blood”!

The fact that Anna Buzova decided to take the place of the leading “Dom-2” becomes clear when I get to know her Instagram briefly. Among the boring posts with the wishes of “good morning” and dull photos of the everyday life of a beauty salon, a poll suddenly pops up with a shot of Anna from the time she participated in the show from TNT. And the question, short as a control shot: “Has it changed”?

Thus, Anna finally and irrevocably issued her plans for the speedy removal of her rival sister from the star pedestal at the country’s most important media construction site. Naturally, she cannot directly declare this right now. But it’s obvious that Anna is so eager to return to the millions of fans again on television that she unwittingly gives out her plans, suddenly reminding herself of herself in the stellar role of involvement in “House-2”. So, it is quite possible that big changes are coming soon in the format of the show! But how will Olga Buzova herself, who has lost her head in love, react to such an unexpected blow from the “blood”?



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