Soot exploded in Lucia from Matuš: That was really enough!

According to the website Matušova love believes that marriage and calendar age will definitely deprive her of the address “Lucinka”. It is said that she is becoming very allergic to him. “I hope the neighborhood will stop taking me as a child,” she admitted.

Bohuš Matuš is behind the water! The fan subscribed him to “please” her 20 times!

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Otherwise, they are at home with them, but everything is bathed in sunshine and Lucie fully enjoys her motherly role. “Everything touches me terribly now. I cried when Natálka smiled at me for the first time, when she rolled herself onto her belly and the like. I enjoy every moment. But I didn’t expect it to be so cool. She is great, I love her, “she does not hide her enthusiasm.

Even the submarine has not yet appeared at their home yet, even though Bohuš Matuš is still mostly at home. “I am just happy to be with us. Natalka loves him and of course I do too, “added his chosen one.

Singer Bohuš Matuš (46) about how Lucinka got pregnant with him (17): We tried during quarantine!

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