Soon to be shown in Egypt – the movie that went crazy with Qatar and Al Jazeera and failed to stop broadcasting

United Media Services announced that it will soon display the film “Qatar’s War of Influence on Islam in Europe” on its channels. And United Media Services had obtained the rights to display this documentary exclusively after intense negotiations over the importance of the film’s content for Egyptian and Arab viewers.

The documentary is inspired by the book “Qatar Papers” by journalists Christian Chesnot and George Malbrunot, which Qatar tried to block its distribution and did not succeed in doing so. Al-Jazeera also tried to limit the audience’s ability to view the documentary inspired by the same book by obtaining the rights to broadcast it, and it failed to do so. Qatar had failed to prevent the film from being broadcast in France, despite a protest letter sent by the Qatari embassy to the Arte channel, which showed the film as a co-producer as well, the Doha authorities tried to obtain international rights for the film, to ensure that it was prevented from being broadcast outside the French-speaking world.

According to many newspapers and international websites, Doha tried to stop showing this film in Europe by all means, and failed, and tried to buy its rights through Al-Jazeera channel to ensure that it is blocked from the Arab viewer.

The film, according to a report by the news site 7dnews, confirms Qatar’s support for terrorism and adds more evidence to Qatar’s record of supporting terrorism, as it reveals new details about Doha’s funding of armed groups and extremist organizations in Europe.

Engineer Hossam Saleh said that the joint French-Belgian documentary is based on thousands of confidential documents, which talk about Qatar’s funding of institutions and programs to support the Muslim Brotherhood in many European countries.

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Soon to be shown in Egypt - the movie that went crazy with Qatar and Al Jazeera and failed to stop broadcasting

Saleh added that the Board of Directors of the United Media Services Company headed by Professor Tamer Morsi supports displaying more distinguished documentary films, whether produced in Egypt or obtaining rights to international films, for displaying them on the group’s screens in order to educate the public opinion and present the latest topics to the viewer.

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