Sony’s State of Play: third-party publishers honor

Sony has taken advantage of its State of Play, conference during which the Japanese glove exhibits the future titles of its PlayStation consoles, to put forward the third-party editors who will accompany the end of life of its PlayStation 4 console, including popular series such as “Crash Bendicoot” or “Star Wars”, but also several independent titles.

With the arrival of the future PlayStation 5 during the 2020 holidays, Sony does not intend to abandon the owners of its PlayStation 4.

Activision has promoted the eagerly awaited “Crash Bendicoot 4: It’s About Time” which aims to be a tribute to its predecessors, but will offer new features such as the possibility of using masks which will influence the abilities of heroes. Developed by Toys for Bob, the game, which benefits from the collaboration of the Qubec studio, Beenox, should be released in the fall of 2020.

Publisher Square Enix subsequently announced a release of the third installment of the famous hitman “Hitman” in virtual reality for the Playstation VR. The title will be available at the beginning of the year 2021. In terms of virtual reality, the big surprise comes from the announcement of “Vader Immortal”. said by Disney Interactive, the game will be released in a periodic format and will offer the player the role of a smuggler who will have to wield the lightsaber in order to face Darth Vader. The release is scheduled for August 25th.

The Sony conference was also the occasion for independent developers to be seen among which Giant Squid Studio, author of the magnetic “Abz”, which returns to us with “Pathless”, a title of action, adventures and Open-ended puzzles that will put us in the shoes of an archer fighting against a curse that has hit her world.

Blitwork, Catalan studio, presented “Spelunky 2”, a sequel to its popular 2D platform game inspired by Indiana Jones. We will also note a release for January 2021 of “Braid”, a puzzle and platform game, with a graphic overhaul. Remember that the title had been a great success when it was released in 2008, reaching for many players a cult status. Chinese MiHoyo presented his role playing game “Genshin Impact” visibly inspired by “Zelda Breath of the Wild”. We also saw sequences from “Anno Mutentionem” and “Aeon Must Die”, two futuristic 2D action games, the first due for release in 2020 and the second in 2021, or “The Pedestrian”, a puzzle game in an urban atmosphere planned for 2021 and “Auto Chess”, a “cartoony” virtual board game set in a cyberpunk universe.

Even if Sony has mainly put forward titles for its Playstation 4 console, we have seen sequences of games that will be released on the Playstation 5, including the enigmatic and colorful “Bugsnax”, the action game “Hood Outlaws & Legends ”which is obviously located in a universe inspired by Robin Hood or“ TemTem ”, inspired by Pokemon which has already been successful via the Steam download platform on PC. Finally, Gearbox introduced phases of play of its future baby, “Godfall”, an action role-playing game focused on combat in person which will be among the first titles of the Playstation 5.

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