Sony will release new God of War game ‘Ragnarok’ next year – Gaming – News

Santa Monica Studio is working on a new God of War game on behalf of Sony. Sony showed a short teaser, in which only a number of logos and the release year 2021 were shown. No images of the game have been released yet.

‘Ragnarok is coming’, says the teaser that Sony showed at the end of its PlayStation 5 Showcase. This indicates that the new God of War game is once again based on Nordic mythology, just like the predecessor that came out for the PlayStation 4. Ragnarok may also be included in the title of the game.

Ragnarok refers to the demise of the gods and the world, which takes place after a final battle between the giants and the gods. At the same time, Ragnarok stands for new life, after the battle gods will be reborn and the world will be repopulated. The new game is probably about these themes.

The game is the sequel to God of War, the reboot of Sony released for the PlayStation 4 in 2018. The new game is made by Santa Monica Studio, the same developer from the previous part. The studio is owned by Sony and the game will only be released on PlayStation consoles.

God of War was one of the highest rated PlayStation 4 games. Tweakers gave the game a 9 in on Metacritic the average score of reviews is 94 points. Users give an average of 9.1.

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