Sony Will Have Xbox Game Pass-style Services


Sony is said to be making a similar service Xbox Game Pass, where customers can play the games in the catalog without having to buy the game.

YesCurrently, Sony already has two subscription services, namely: Playstation plus needed to play multiplayer games online and PlayStation Now which offers a select number of games that can be downloaded or played online.

But the two services will reportedly be combined, and the name that will be used is probably PlayStation Plus, as quoted detikINET from The Verge, Sunday (5/12/2021).

This service is internally named ‘Spartacus’, and will have three tiers. The first tier will contain everything that was previously in Playstation plus, then the second tier contains a PS4 game catalog and later PS5 games, while the third tier contains game demos, streaming games, and PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP game catalogs.

This new PlayStation Plus seems besides being available for PS5 users it will also be able to be enjoyed by PS4 users. The release itself reportedly will occur in the spring of 2022.

Sony has certainly not issued an official statement regarding this Xbox Game Pass-style service. It is also not known whether this service will run on top of Microsoft Azure, whose cooperation contract has been signed since 2019.

It’s interesting that the service runs on Azure, which means that Sony uses the same platform as its competitors.

Xbox Game Pass itself — especially the Ultimate tier — is arguably the Xbox’s main advantage over Sony’s consoles. You could say this service is the Netflix of games, where customers can access and play games for free from the existing catalog, with a relatively affordable subscription fee. That is USD 15 per month (or even cheaper).

Not only that, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can also access the latest games created by Microsoft since the first day the game was released. However, it seems that this feature will not be available in Playstation plus.

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