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[The Epoch Times, 07 gennaio 2023](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Li Jing) Recently, the Japanese multinational conglomerateSony ChinaLtd. official Weibo was banned. the cpcJiangsu Communist Youth LeagueThe official Weibo said that the reason Sony’s Weibo was banned was that a photo of a black dog released by it was suspected of alluding to CCP martyrsQiu Shaoyun

The Epoch Times reporter noted that Weibo has been certified as an account of “Sony (China) Co., Ltd. Official Weibo”Sony China“Has been banned, the specific reason why it was banned, the Weibo official has not yet given an explanation, while the Sony China account page shows:” Due to the violation of relevant laws and regulations, the user it is currently banned.

Just when netizens wondered why Sony China’s Weibo was banned, the CCPJiangsu Communist Youth LeagueThe official WeChat account pointed to the reason on Jan. 6, saying Sony’s China Weibo account was “suspected of alluding to the martyrs.”Qiu Shaoyunand made inappropriate comments.”

(web page screenshot)

According to a photo from the Jiangsu Communist Youth League of the Communist Party of China, Sony China once posted on Weibo on October 12, 2022, it said, “When the mountain flowers are in full bloom, she will laugh in the bushes.” A Sony China photo shows a black dog hiding in red leaves.

(web page screenshot)

Apparently, Sony China’s Weibo news did not involve sensitive CCP information. However, many netizens pointed to the time Sony China released the above news: October 12 was the day Qiu Shaoyun died in the Korean War.

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This is not the first time that Sony China has encountered the “glass heart” of the 50 cents and the CCP’s angry youth. On the evening of June 30th, 2021, Sony China released a warm-up poster, announcing that the new phone will be released at 10pm on July 7th. Some mainland media said that this day coincided with the “July 7 Incident” in 1937. Immediately, the CCP’s 50 cents and angry young people condemned it.

The next morning, Sony China issued a statement of apology for the matter, saying that due to poor labor arrangements, it caused the public misunderstanding and confusion in selecting the release date of the new product. The company sincerely apologizes for this and has canceled related activities as soon as possible.

At present, mainland netizens have released screenshots of Japanese TV stations reporting that Sony’s China Weibo has been banned from the mainland’s social media. Some netizens believe that this incident may make Japanese people even more disgusted with China.

Internet Big V indicted Qiu Shaoyun as “one-sided barbecue” and received compensation from the court

According to the “Heroes Protection Law” implemented by the CCP authorities in 2018, those who insult, slander or violate the names, portraits and reputations of heroes and martyrs in other ways shall be investigated for civil liability or punished by the leadership of the public security; those constituting a crime will be prosecuted.

As early as 2015, Jiaduobao, a herbal tea company, interacted with Internet celebrity “Yueben” (Sun Jie) on Weibo. Some people pointed out that the two sides insinuated Qiu Shaoyun as “one-sided barbecue.” After the incident, Qiu Shaoyun’s younger brother Qiu Shaohua filed a complaint with the CCP court, which found that Sun Jie’s remarks had a negative impact on Qiu Shaoyun and ordered the two defendants to apologize with relatives of Qiu Shaoyun and jointly compensate the plaintiff RMB 1 for mental damage.

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On the eve of the above incident, the Communist Party of China military newspaper “Liberation Army Daily” published a full-page article, which mentioned that during the teaching period of many military college teachers, students questioned the story of the Communist Party of China and military history. A teacher was once questioned by students in class: “Don’t you read Weibo? What you just said about Qiu Shaoyun’s actions violates the common sense of physiology and is impossible!”

“People’s Daily” made up Qiu Shaoyun’s ideological activities before his death

In recent years, some mainland teachers have questioned the text “My Comrade Qiu Shaoyun” in the ninth volume of the Communist Party of China’s official Chinese elementary school textbook, which is distorted and does not conform to military common sense.

According to the CCP’s official propaganda, on the night of October 11, 1952, Qiu Shaoyun and more than 500 other CCP soldiers hid in the grass in front of US military posts. Around 12 o’clock on the 12th, the US military fired a firebomb at Qiu Shaoyun, the fire spread to Qiu Shaoyun, but Qiu Shaoyun endured severe pain and remained motionless until he died in battle.

On May 18, 1953, the official media of the Communist Party of China “People’s Daily” published a full-page newsletter “The Great Warrior Qiu Shaoyun”. Different from the official description of Qiu Shaoyun in recent years, this article reports the use of imagination to express the emotions in Qiu Shaoyun’s heart.

The article stated that the US military threw a firebomb and the raging flames spread to Qiu Shaoyun. here he would be discovered by the enemy.” …”

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Netizens questioned this. The article made up what Qiu Shaoyun thought. Is this incident true?

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