“Sony Unveils Project Q: A Remote PlayStation 5 Gaming Device with DualSense Controller and 8-Inch Display”

A new device that can remotely play PlayStation 5 games, Project Q, was announced. Project Q is equipped with an 8-inch display and has an appearance as if DualSense, a wireless controller for PlayStation 5, was installed on both sides of the terminal.

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan introduced Project Q as a dedicated device that can stream all games from PlayStation 5 remotely via Wi-Fi. As mentioned earlier, the display is 8 inches, and the controller part has all the buttons and functions of DualSense. In other words, DualSense adaptive triggers and tactile feedback can be used as they are.

Project Q can play games at up to 1080p resolution and frame rate of 60fps via Wi-Fi. In addition, the game must be installed on PlayStation 5, and it is said that it does not support virtual reality games. For reference, Project Q is scheduled to be released later this year, but details such as release date and price have not been revealed.

The PlayStation’s first wireless earphones announced together support Bluetooth and can be used by connecting to a smartphone. Equipped with its own wireless technology, it also supports low-latency lossless audio. There is a small button attached to the body and there is also a dedicated charging case. Project Q and wireless earphones are both black and white two-tone colors like the PlayStation 5. Wireless earbuds will also be released in late 2023.

Since Project Q is a device for remotely playing games installed on the PlayStation 5, it is designed as a peripheral rather than a device for playing games natively like a Steam deck. However, since Sony also provides a cloud game service, there is a good chance that Project Q can respond to cloud games.

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For reference, if you want to remote play the PlayStation 5, you can enjoy remote play without any burden by using the official PlayStation app (PS Remote Play) for iPhone, Android, Windows, or Mac. Related information this placecan be found in

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