Sony strips the next-gen console in a video teardown

Waiting for Sony to show the public the long-awaited PlayStation 5 user interface, which has now been waiting for quite a while, the Japanese giant has literally disassembled the console on video to show users every secret related to dissipation, support for memory expansion and much more.

We start with the front, on which we find a door USB Type-C high speed with support for SuperSpeed ​​fast transfer (we are talking about 10Gb per second) and a Type-A. On the back of PlayStation 5 we find instead two USB Type A ports with SuperSpeed ​​support, an ethernet port, video output via HDMI and the door to thesupply. As for the heat dissipation, the console throws out hot air both from the front (from the holes located on the sides of the black section) and from the back and therefore there should be no problems in positioning vertically or horizontally.

In this regard, we can see in the video that the stand must be inserted in both cases and can be assembled and disassembled with the help of a screwdriver that allows you to better fix the console to the base and thus make it more stable. In the later stages of the video we can also appreciate the fan and the expansion slot of the internal memory with support for M.2 SSD thanks to a PCIe 4.0 port. Finally, a first look at the cooling system of the SoC based on liquid metal should be noted, right at the end of the video we notice the huge heatsink already appeared in some renderings in the past and which occupies a large part of the available space. Before leaving you to the movie, we remind you that another was unveiled just yesterday PS5 DualSense feature linked to the microphone.

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