Sony Releases PS5 Teardown Video, Only Use One Fan! – FULL OFF

Via channel YouTube officially, Sony just released a video Teardown from PS5 which shows in detail all the components in the next-gen console. This teardown is carried out directly by Yasuhiro Ootori as Vice President from Mechanical Design Department, Hardware Desing Division Sony Interactive Entertainment. At the beginning of the video, Sony warns against doing a teardown PS5 because you can void the warranty that applies to the console. Check out the full video below.

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The teardown video confirms some of the leaks circulating regarding PS5 before, like front panel and rear that can be removed without using any tools or tool less and also access slots SSD M.2 NVME PCIe 4.0 which can be reached easily by simply removing one screw. Sony did not provide a description of whether to install SSD additionally will also void the console’s warranty.

Sony also shows in detail the cooling components of PS5 which uses only one fan diameter 120mm with thickness 45mm which will take cool air from the left and right of the console and exhaust the hot air towards the back. Sony use a heatsink jumbo size that will have a performance like a vapor chamber and using liquid metal as TIM (Thermal Interface Material) to connect CPU PS5 which is based AMD Ryzen “Zen 2” and have 8 Core and 16 Threads with the jumbo sized heatsink. The heatsink will also cool down SSD internally sized 825GB along with the control unit. PS5 will be powered GPU based AMD Radeon RDNA 2 with speed 2.23 GHz and RAM GDDR6 16GB.

Playstation 5 cooling and sound insulation components

Besides temperature, Sony also pay attention to the operational sound of PS5 . Sony using two layers of insulation that will reduce the sound from Blu-Ray Drive at the time of reading the disc, so that PS5 will not be as loud PS4 at the time of use. Surely you don’t need to worry about the sound from Blu-Ray Drive if you guys buy Playstation 5 Digital Edition.

Playstation 5 will release officially on Indonesia at the date of 19 November 2020 upcoming, although until now there is no official marketplace that opens pre-orders for the console. Are you guys interested in the internal design of PS5? Please write your opinion in the comments column, and also check the news regarding Playstation other from Saturated of here.

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