Sony PlayStation VR 2 pre-launch specifications, required range, support for older controllers, etc. The dedicated controller is temporarily not sold separately #VR2 (189107)

Sony confirmed that the previously launched PlayStation Move handheld controller and PlayStation VR shooting controller are not compatible with PlayStation VR2, and can only be operated through the accompanying PlayStation VR2 Sense handheld controller, DualSense and DualSense Edge controllers.

Officially opened on February 22PlayStation VR 2Before going public, Sony passedComplete Q&A contentExplain the questions that all players have about Playtation VR 2, including the different sizes of space required for playing, and whether it needs to be used with camera accessories. In addition, it also revealed that after completing the relevant settings, you can directly use Playtation VR 2 as the “external screen” of Playtation 5 use.

Prior to this, Sony had already confirmed that it would launch in one go with the launch of Playtation VR 2.More than 30 game contents corresponding to Playtation VR 2also confirmed that Playtation VR 2 will not be compatible with games using Playtation VR.

In addition, the suggested selling price for the Taiwan market is NT$18,880. Initially, a standard kit including Playtation VR2 headset, Playtation VR2 Sense controller, stereo headphones, extra earbuds, USB cable, etc. will be launched, and an additional “Horizon Mountain” will be provided. The Call of Horizon Mountain Bundle for PlayStation VR2 with the PlayStation Store redemption code for The Call of Horizon Mountain.

In addition to explaining the basic technical specifications of PlayStation VR2, Sony also emphasized that PlayStation VR2 only supports PlayStation 5 and cannot be used for PlayStation 4 series models, and it cannot use PlayStation VR game content.

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The connection with PlayStation 5 has become easier. You only need to connect to PlayStation 5 through a USB-C cable about 4.5 meters long. It supports two modes of use, virtual reality and theater, and supports HDR display mode.

As for the play space requirement, only 1 x 1 square meter is required for sitting and standing, and at least 2 x 2 square meters are required for free walking. It is recommended to maintain enough space for waving the hands. In addition, it can also automatically play the space boundary, and can confirm the current position through the perspective image while maintaining the wearing condition.

Since PlayStation VR2 has a built-in camera, it can not only correspond to spatial positioning and perspective image functions, but the operation process does not need to be positioned with an additional camera like PlayStation VR, but players can use additional camera accessories to shoot personal gameplay.

In terms of accessories, Sony confirmed that the PlayStation Move handheld controller and the PlayStation VR shooting controller in the past are not compatible with PlayStation VR2, and can only be used with the paid PlayStation VR2 Sense handheld controller, as well as DualSense and DualSense Edge controllers operate.

At present, the PlayStation VR2 Sense handheld controller is still not sold separately, so when operating it, you may have to be careful not to cause damage.

At the same time, Sony also explained that some PlayStation VR2 games are only available in digital versions, but some games will still provide physical discs, and will also specifically indicate whether they only support PlayStation VR2 games, and all barrier-free games and parental control items will be available at the beginning of the launch , Players can also perform screen capture and video recording during the game as on PlayStation 5, and can also share the screen with other players, but PlayStation VR2 games do not support the shared play function.

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