Sony Pictures Classics acquires “Good Morning” with Lea Seydoux

Sony Pictures Classics selected the critically acclaimed Mia Hansen-Love drama with Lea Seydoux starring in “One Fine Morning” in Cannes after its world premiere of “Two Weeks.” The film has now been sold in 50 regions by the independent film company Les Films du Losange.

The deal covers North American, Latin American and Middle Eastern rights to the film. This is a sequel to Hansen-Lov’s “Bergman Island”, which took part in last year’s Cannes Film Festival. David Kronenberg’s film Crimes of the Future will also be premiered in Cannes, Seychelles.

The intimate drama has earned wonderful reviews for both Hansen-Lov and Seido, and has already been nominated as a potential nominee. diverseGay Lodge described the film as a “melancholy and traveling exploration of character” and a “gentle, sharp reflection on the upbringing of sons and fathers at the same time,” referring to Hansen Lov’s return to French and making.

In Seiduo, the film plays a young mother who tries to take care of her sick father, struggling to get the care he needs, while starting an affair with Clement, a charming but emotionally inaccessible man. Pascal Gregory and Melville Bobod complete the cast.

“Miai Hansen-Lovei has 21st century sound that competes with Truffaut’s best sounds,” said Sony Pictures Classics. “Léa Seydoux is delivering its best performance to date. The SPC added that the fusion of performance, sound and visual narrative here is coming to fruition, making “One Fine Morning” one of the truly great French films. “

“In addition to finally being able to work with Mia, I’m pleased to be working with producer Charles Gilbert and our friends on Los Angeles Films, which is still one of the best independent film companies in the world,” the company said. said. Over the years, the SPC has collaborated with Les Films du Losange, especially on Michael Haneke’s films such as the Academy Award-winning Amour and the Golden Palm Branch.

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Les Films du Losange was also sold to Italy (Theodore), Switzerland (Frenetic) and Israel (Lev Cinemas). Previously announced deals include Germany (Weltkino), Austria (Filmladen), Spain (Elastica), Benelux (Cherry Pickers), South Korea (Challan), Australia and New Zealand (Palace Films), Greece (Weird Wave), Portugal (Almbic). , Taiwan (Andrews Film), Sweden (non-stop), Denmark, Norway (another Norwegian entertainment company), Iceland (Myndform), Lithuania (Scanorama), Estonia (Bestfilm Eu), Latvia (Sia Best Film), Hungary (Cirko) Film), Slovenia (Vivia), Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia Northern Macedonia (Megacom) and Poland (Galapagos).

“We are happy and very excited to collaborate with Sony Pictures Classics on the new film Mia Hansen Løve. The response to the film has been huge, ”said Alise Lesorta, head of international sales at Les Films du Losange.

“We know they have the passion and accomplishments to bring all the success they deserve to this film, Mia, and to performers Lee Sewu and Melville Poupa,” added Lesort.

One Fine Morning was produced by David Tions and Philip Martin at Les Films Pelléas in Paris, along with co-producers Arte France Cinema, Razor Film and Mubi of Germany, which also owns rights in the United Kingdom, Ireland, India and Turkey. Les Films du Losange is owned by France. The film is currently sold in more than 50 territories.

Talk to diverse Last week, Hansen-Love named Hansen-Lov as “the greatest actress of her generation”. “She has a simplicity, a reserved nature reminiscent of Robert Bresson, and at the same time she is a world-famous star who has such purity (..) and an inexhaustible source of mystery and sadness in herself,” said the director.

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Les Films du Losange’s strong list also includes Lola Kivoron’s brave Rodeo, which premiered at Un Certain Regard and also won unanimous acclaim.

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