Sony, Microsoft, Epic and more companies form a group on the Metaverse

Sony, Microsoft, Epic and more companies form a group on the Metaverse

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Controversial since its announcement, especially because it meant a change of concept for one of the most important companies in the world, Facebook, the Metaverse has been assimilated little by little as the option in the short and medium term because its possibilities in transmedia are attractive. Although different companies have expressed their interest in this digital and virtual space, some with particular proposals, the importance of establishing standards for development and growth is also recognized, hence this idea has given rise to a group with several heavyweights technological.

Companies seek to establish foundations and standards for the Metaverse

The Metaverse is getting closer as a communication and consumption option and the companies that have their sights set on it are already making momentous decisions. An example of this is the recently formed Metaverse Standards Forum, a group made up of dozens of technology companies seeking to establish agreements on the ways in which this technology will be developed and integrated into various sectors. Gaming is no stranger to it and it was confirmed that initially, this group has the participation of Microsoft, Epic Games, Nvidia, Unity, Meta and Sony.

This group defined its formation and the objectives it will seek in the first instance as follows: “we seek to define interoperability standards necessary to build the open metaverse. The Forum will focus on pragmatic projects based on action, such as implementation prototypes, hackathons, plugfests and tools open source code to accelerate testing and standards adoption, while developing consistent terminology and implementation guidelines.

Although in the video game sector the idea of ​​the Metaverse still seems distant, there are those who are already taking a step forward, such as the recently founded Liithos studio, made up of creatives from The Last of Us y Days Gonewho revealed Ashfalla multiplayer that although it will have operations with cryptocurrencies and NFT, It also has a transmedia proposal that involves other consumer platforms in addition to consoles and PCs..

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