Sony is giving away PS4 bonuses if you collect a lot of trophies now

With the Summer of Play Trophy Challenge you can get hold of themes and more for your PS4.

There are few things nicer than playing video games. This undoubtedly includes playing games and being rewarded for doing so. Sony is now launching the Summer of Play Trophy Challenge for this very purpose. That means you can just register, start playing and win trophies. Various free bonuses such as dynamic designs are available as a reward.

This is how the Summer of Play Trophy Challenge works

The trophy challenge is very simple and straightforward. To be able to participate, you have to log in with your PSN account and then play as much as possible. There are different challenges, the first of which has already been determined.

  1. Log In: You can Sign up here
  2. Play: Earn trophies in the challenge
  3. Dust off: You will then receive various rewards

Link to YouTube content

This is how the challenge works: The action is divided into several stages, in which you have to unlock a certain amount of trophies in other games. If you reach the specified goals, different prizes will be awarded every time.

1. Challenge: PS4 Originals. Here you have to unlock trophies in titles that were first released for the PlayStation 4. As part of the challenge, for example, you can play Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us or Horizon Zero Dawn.

  • August 17 to August 30, 2020

You can win: For gaming you will be rewarded with exclusive dynamic designs for the PS4, mobile wallpapers or themes.

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Link to YouTube content

The action is reminiscent of that PlayStation gamer festivalthat Sony hosted in February. PS4 owners were also rewarded for playing and were able to scoop up PSN avatars and the like.

Are you taking part? How do you like the PS4 design and which game challenges are you still hoping for?

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