Sony explains why it records your voice chat on PS5

The fact that Sony records your voice chat on the PS5 is of course a bit privacy sensitive. This weekend, the company responded to the criticism by explaining the feature.

Sony has responded on the criticism of automatic voice chat recording planned for PlayStation 5. The company says it should have explained the feature better.

The criticism followed after the 8.00 update for the PlayStation 4, which, among other things, overhauls the party system. In addition, Sony reported that it is working on an option for the PlayStation 5 that will allow players to share call recordings when reporting harassment.

Sony now says it has ‘not clearly communicated the feature’ and that the company has excuses offers.

“When a PS5 player needs to submit a harassment report, they can add a 40 second voice chat clip. 20 seconds are from the main conversation, and ten before and after the clip is selected. Only the five most recent minutes are available to choose from. to select. “

Clips are then sent to PlayStation’s Consumer Experience team, where employees can listen to the clip and take action. Sony says there is no option to disable recording so that ‘anyone playing online feels safe’.


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