Sony did not allow discount on Return of the Obra Dinn in honor of the anniversary – Igromania


Lucas Pope, creator Papers, Please and Return of the Obra Dinn, recently celebrated the second anniversary of his latest project, in honor of which he made a discount on most platforms – the exception was PlayStation 4.

How later told developer on twitter, the reason was the refusal Sony satisfy the request for a discount.

«Sony denied my PS4 discount».

how notes edition Gamerant citing user ResetEra, this is not the first time indie developers have been unable to discount their game on the PS Store. Previously, there were at least three similar cases:
  • auto RU Pillar allowed to make a discount on the game in Europe, but not in the USA
  • Plague Road author was not allowed to discount the PS Vita version
  • studio COWCAT were not allowed to take part in a sale, although this is the main source of revenue for the company.

It is not yet known how global the problem is or whether these are just exceptions to the rule.

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