Sony Develops Access Controller for Gamers with Disabilities

In recent years, the technology industry has attached great importance to “barrier-free”, using different software and hardware packages to help users with disabilities. For people with limited mobility, playing games at home may be the best entertainment, and Sony has developed a dedicated Access controller for this group of players.

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Earlier at the CES show, “Project Leonardo” introduced this highly customizable barrier-free controller set for the first time, hoping to make it easier, more comfortable and longer for many players with disabilities to enjoy the gaming experience . Now, the factory officially named it Access Controller.

This product is developed by Sony in cooperation with a number of barrier-free experts. The controller will include a variety of interchangeable buttons and joystick caps, allowing players to freely create different controls according to their specific physical strength, range of motion and physiological needs. device configuration. Each Access controller will include analog stick caps (standard, dome and ball stick caps), button caps of different shapes and sizes (convex button caps, flat button caps, wide flat button caps (to cover two button mounts), protruding button caps (beneficial for players with smaller hands as they are placed closer to the center), and concave button caps (press down when placed on top of the controller; pull up), and features interchangeable button cap icons that allow players to easily label which input each button corresponds to. In addition, players can use the Access controller on a flat surface for 360-degree orientation adjustments, or easily hold the controller in place On an AMPS stand* or a tripod. Players can also adjust the distance between the analog stick and the controller.

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