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Bloomberg analyst Takashi Mochizuki came yesterday messagethat Sony has reduced the total production volume due to the high failure rate of the PlayStation 5 APU. He referred to unnamed sources close to Sony, respectively. production processes and provided specific figures. Despite prior information by increasing production to approximately 15-16 million PS5s to be produced by the end of March next year, Mochizuki’s estimate fell by 4 million due to the high failure rate of the APU. Based on yesterday’s unconfirmed report, there was a discussion among fans and the professional public as to whether the expected demand could not be sufficiently covered, and what this might mean for Sony in the competition with Microsoft. But looking for answers is probably no longer absolutely necessary, because Sony refuted Bloomberg’s information tonight.

As we mentioned yesterday, Sony was to double its estimate this year before the alleged start of production in June to 10-11 million units produced.

The answer to the direct question, as is currently the case with the production of the expected console, came to the portal Games Industry and it’s not really exhausting. “Although we do not disclose production details, the information provided by Bloomberg is not true. We haven’t changed the serial number since the start of series production of the PlayStation 5, ”says Sony representatives. However, they give no indication as to what previous unofficial estimates apply, and we can therefore only continue to speculate how many consoles will actually come off the production lines on the launch date, or by the end of this calendar year. As we mentioned yesterday, Sony was to double its estimate this year before the alleged start of production in June to 10-11 million units, which does not appear to be a bad or alarming number as a result.

The context is provided by analyst Daniel Ahmad, who reassured himself yesterday afternoon in the light of the Bloomberg report that even a possible reduction in production volumes may not result in insufficient stocks in stores. It states that even with possible problems with AMD’s APUs, PS5 production would still be slightly higher than PS4 production, which also sold “only” 7.5 million units in the first six months. Nevertheless, Ahmad warns against confusing two important variables – production volume and number of consoles ready for sale – that are not the same, especially due to the need to consider the logistics behind shipping consoles around the world, which costs time and money. And as Ahmad reveals below, for this purpose, Sony was to order 60 flights, or aircraft, through which it will reportedly distribute consoles throughout the United States. The analyst refers to information from the shipping manager from the Chinese Delta Cargo.

Of course, the demand remains unknown, which may not be the same in the case of the new generation of PlayStation as it did seven years ago, and we will probably find out about the difference in part tonight. At 10 pm, another presentation dedicated to the PS5 console begins, at which Sony wants to officially talk only about games, but in the secret of our souls, we are still looking forward to information about the price and launch date. From 9.45 pm we will therefore offer you a Czech broadcast with simultaneous translation and observations before and after the event.

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