Sony Brings God of War to PC – One of the best games Sony, God of War will soon be available for a computer or PC version, as reported by The Verge on Wednesday (20/10/2021).

God of War will be available to order on Steam and on the Epic Games Store starting January 14, 2022. The price is $50.

The God of War game will be able to be played with 4K image quality on PC. While the frame rates can be changed to a 21:9 ultra widescreen ratio, of course if the computer specifications support it.

In addition, God of War will support Nvida’s DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) technology and low-latency Reflex technology for a more responsive gaming experience.

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Sony promises the God of War game will be able to be played on a PC nicely using a keyboard, although it can also be controlled with the DualShock 4 and DualSense joysticks.

God of War itself is a legendary Sony game available for consoles PlayStation since 2005 ago. Sony claims this game is very popular on the PS4 console and has sold 19.5 copies until August 2021.

Sony itself is slowly starting to pour its main games from PlayStation to PC. Call it popular titles like Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone.

In addition to God of War, Sony also plans to release Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection to PC around 2022.

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