Sony about the future of the PS5 and the games that define the generation

When you launch a new generation of consoles, you plan to support it for several more years. SIE CEO Jim Ryan sees the samewho talked about the future of their new console. He did so during an interview with the British magazine GQ, where he also mentioned PS Plus and PlayStation Now.

As is customary with Sony consoles, so it has been on the market for about six to seven yearsbefore the arrival of a new console to replace the existing one. According to Jim Ryan, this is not a big deal, but they are planning something similar with the PlayStation 5, because at the moment is convinced that the new console could last on the market for another five, six, seven years.

Ryan then added: “Then who knows? I think cloud storage will become much more important over the next few years, yet there are still business models and technological challenges. As it happens, we are still continuing our studies and investments and we are monitoring everything very closely. ”

We have known for some time that Sony has been planning support for new games on the PS4 for about three years. Ryan followed up on this information and stated that titles defining the new generation of PlayStation are not expected until 2022. It was the same with the PS4.

During the interview, he also got on an interesting topic. Ryan mentioned that enough analysts were convinced of the end of the console erawhich, according to them, should have come to an end this year. This was to happen above all “Because something makes the console model useless.” As you can see, nothing like this happened because we got the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S, which are consoles that surpassed their predecessors.

For both Ryan and the whole of Sony, their PS Plus and PlayStation Now services are very important. They don’t pay much attention to them right now, but mainly because PlayStation 5 and individual games take precedence at the moment.

Nevertheless, he is still thinking about how to move these services forward and what to come up with in the future. For example, at PS Plus Collection, they carefully observe what players think about it, what games are played and how much they play. Accordingly, they then decide whether to it was a done deal or if they wanted to continue in a similar system in the future. But already at this moment he thinks “That (PS Plus Collection) has great potential to be a tool for gaining more users.”" src="" loading="" size="big" title="" source="Sony"/>– .

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