Sony A7R V vs iPhone 14 Pro, would you know how to distinguish the photos from a 60 MP camera and those from a 48 MP mobile?

A few years ago we did a similar experiment: pitting the A7R IV against the iPhone 11. The results have already surprised more than one person, so we wanted to repeat the idea, but with the current models and adding some other factor to make it more interesting.

In the A7R V many things have changed, but it is true that the 60 megapixel full frame sensor is quite similar to that of the previous generation. By contrast, the jump from the iPhone 11 Pro to the iPhone 14 Pro is notable. And not only for going from 12 to 50 MP, but for that RAW that is so photographic that we already mentioned when trying it.

Cuts to actual size. Which is which? In the video, the answer.

Would we be able to distinguish a photo taken with a camera of this level compared to a smartphone? This is not intended to be a comparison because in reality they are not two products that compete, but rather complement each other.

No one who thinks of an A7R V considers replacing it with an iPhone, or vice versa. It is not only a question of price and size, but we are talking about different tools.

Clarified the obvious, in the A7R V we have mounted the 24-70 mmf 2.8 GM and we have shot with a focal length as similar as possible to that of the iPhone and a medium aperture so that the depth of field was similar. Both in the camera and in the smartphone we have worked in RAW and, without any editing, exported to JPEG at maximum resolution.


Beyond the difference in exposure, which photo do you prefer?

In addition to comparing the results in different scenes (a still life, a portrait and an urban landscape) we wanted to complicate things a bit more and, with the collaboration of Saal Digital, we have commissioned several 30×40 and 60×80 prints of the images.

Is it easier to find differences on screen or on paper? Or, to rephrase the question, are there noticeable differences? In addition to the samples and cuts that we include here, in the video you can see it in more detail and draw your own conclusions.


Cropped to actual size of the image above. Can you distinguish which is taken with the Sony A7R V and which with the iPhone? In the video, more details about this image.

Beyond playing both sides of that tiresome fight between cameras and mobile phones, what is really interesting here is to see the level of quality that smartphones are reaching. The Sony A7T V and the iPhone are just two representatives. It could be any other camera or smartphone of this level and the result would be similar.

In the end, the interesting thing is to see how phones with small sensors compared to those with cameras offer results that should give you a lot to think about.

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