Sony 360 Reality Audio Creative Suite – Record music in 360 degrees

Sony’s audio format 360 Reality Audio works in conjunction with a stereo music signal, to create an enveloping bubble of sound around the listener, from ordinary headphones. Among other things, there is a selection of 360 music on Tidal and Deezer.

360 Reality Audio Creative Suite

The format has not succeeded in gaining a full foothold, but now Sony wants to make it easier for independent musicians and producers to present their music in 360 degrees. Together with Virtual Sonics, Sony has developed new software for creating music and other content with 360-degree object-based surround sound. The program is called 360 Reality Audio Creative Suite, and will make it easier to create 360 ​​Reality Audio content for artists and sound producers.

It is a plugin that works with your existing workstation. Whether you use Logic, Cubase, Pro Tools, FL Studio or Vegas, the plugin should work. Virtual Sonics will launch the software at the end of January, via its subsidiary Audio Features.

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Stream content online

In addition to the plugin, Sony and, distributed by The Orchard, are launching the Creators’ Program. This allows you to create 360 ​​Reality Audio content by first using 360 Reality Audio Creative Suite, and then streaming your own content to the Internet.

Watch the video below on how Grammy winner Keith Harris produces and modifies the music using the 360 ​​Reality Audio Creative Suite. And remember to wear headphones!

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