Sono Lab of Las Naves organizes the first Music Hackaton in Valencia

Sono lab, the sound research laboratory of Las Naves, organizes the first Music Hackaton in Valencia with the aim of giving visibility and supporting musical creation among young electronic music producers, as well as structuring and connecting these people to create a network and a community.

The Music Hackaton will be held on Saturday 15 October, at the innovation center of the Municipality of Valencia and will consist of bringing together in the same space, La Polivalent de Las Naves, young producers of electronic music who will have to create a 3-minute piece of music from a sound sample 10 seconds which will be given to all participants.

With their production skills and personal equipment (computers, Midi keyboards, etc.), they will produce this piece in the time allotted to the Music Hackaton, starting at 10:00. until 18:00

Once the time has expired, each participant will present the result of their work to a specialized jury and explain the stages of the production they have carried out. The jury will decide which are the three best works and they will be assigned the production material.

The music production competition is open to all people born before 31 December 1992 of any nationality who must register from the Las Naves website (Sono lab organizes the first Music Hackaton in Valencia – LAS NAVES: LAS NAVES) until 13 October . Of all registered people, 20 participants will be selected.

Sono Lab uses innovation applied to music through emerging tools to help have a more shared, inclusive and integral city like the Missions Valencia 2030 brand.

Valencia Missions 2030

The Las Naves Innovation Center and the Delegation for Innovation and Knowledge of the City of Valencia are responsible for Missions Valencia 2030, an innovation governance model based on missions that improve people’s lives. This governance model brings together the entire innovation ecosystem without excluding anyone, because the missions of a city, a country or the whole of Europe are reached by the diversity and the sum of all the parts, all the talents and all sources of knowledge.

Valencia is currently working on the Missió Climàtica Valencia 2030, with the aim of transforming Valencia into a climate-neutral city. Furthermore, the city is already one of the 100 cities that the European Commission has selected as part of the “smart and climate-neutral cities” mission.

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