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“As brief but accurate as the dew / we will go to distribute ourselves in other mouths / humble secret mouths that need / shout their own story from the rooftops”, says “From the same mud”, the song by Martín Neri and Ramiro González that is It premiered on December 10, 2020, with the participation of Silvio Rodríguez, Teresa Parodi, Chango Spasiuk, Trueno and the Provincial Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Popi Spatocco, and which had Estela de Carlotto as a special guest. “Nobody forgot the footprint made of clay and sky,” lends her voice the president of the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo. This precious song is part of a larger work, with the same name, which today, at 8 pm, the duet of Neri and González will present at the Galpón de la Música.

“More than ever we need an exercise of memory, at such critical moments, we need to resort to understanding that this has to happen, that we have to be able to transcend as a world society what happens to us”, Neri considers about “From the same mud” . “The song is a container device” of imaginable futures, says Neri.

“It is a poetic musical work that is born from a deep love for the earth and its people, love for that underlying communion in different peoples and cultures based on our human nature, possibly also derived from the universal myth in which some deity shaped us by mixing earth and water, perhaps from there comes the sense of belonging to this mestizo America that crosses us with its rhythms, colors and flavors, regardless of any geography “, according to the newsletter. And that’s how it is heard in Rio. “Everything to give, to stay / there is song and dance on Sundays. Firewood in winters / trees born / rain that springs up when I laugh”, is heard in the voices assembled with Neri’s guitar.

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And although the realization of a project like the song as “De un mud” is due to technology, and the possibility of remote recording, nothing compares to the live show, and that is what Neri is already enjoying. “It is a possibility that we have been trying to think about. With Ramiro we live in different cities, all our logistics are much more complicated, that is why we plan these concerts, I say these because we have two in Córdoba, although unfortunately I think they are going to be suspended,” he said. Neri anticipates impending restriction announcements.

Neri and González come from the Litoral and La Rioja and they dialogue in their work. Neri is a guitarist, singer and composer and after integrating groups with different tendencies, he turned to popular music. He was a guitarist for the Salteño Duo. In 2015 he presented Matrix of water, ten songs as scenes about the history of a family of fishermen from the Paraná River. Currently, together with the conductor and arranger Carlos Villavicencio, he is preparing a symphonic work on a repertoire of Latin American popular music. Meanwhile, Ramiro González was born in La Rioja, and is considered a representative of the folklore of his province. His songs are recorded by La Bruja Salguero, Dúo Coplanacu, Bruno Arias among others and he released four albums with his own songs.

Tonight they will meet again on stage. Presencial, a word that has emerged in recent times, means the pleasure of playing live again and also new questions. For someone who with his music bets on contact and closeness, like Neri, the question goes beyond protocol. “It’s tremendous, I imagined while I was taking some mates, how the context would have to be, because really one puts the body in a very sincere way and how one cannot hope unless the other needs to thank him. How to transform those instances to be respectful and Responsible with this context, it is very rare, very strange everything, “says Neri. “It seems … This is science fiction, and we in the middle wanting to make songs,” he ironizes.

Regarding the work, Neri states that “the intention is to recognize oneself, to recognize an invisible transversal line, these places where to identify a genuine collective that deals with thousands of activities. Behind those trades, those activities that are essential to think of ourselves as a collective That is the most primary intention of this work. There is a song called ‘Life itself’, we made it to some bricklayers who built here at home, we thought about the role of bricklayers and they are part of this same clay as we are. we believe “.

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That is why Neri takes Víctor Vich’s proposal to “deculturate culture” and with that he makes music. “It is going back to the ancestral, to the true roots, in times where every technological device tends to invade life, we must see what we are talking about, who we are, where we want to go. They are trying to impose things that have nothing to do with it. with human evolution, but with a perverse system of control, of individualism. This work attempts against that “, summarizes Neri.

Tonight will perform as guest musicians Emilio Zottarel, Gustavo Fernández, Rodrigo Calvagna, Fernando Silva and the duo of Noelia García and Marco Kofman. Advance tickets are available at El Aserradero (Montevideo 1518) or by calling 341 5486644.


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