Songfestival boss about Junior Songfestival: ‘We looked for solutions’ | NOW

Organizing the Junior Eurovision Song Contest this year was more complex and difficult than ever due to the corona crisis. “We looked for solutions,” said Eurovision boss Martin Österdahl during a press conference on the eve of the eighteenth edition of the junior variant.

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and the Polish organizing broadcaster TVP mainly focused on what was possible. “We looked for solutions. As a result, many people had to deliver extra work.”

“Some had to work twice as much or perhaps three times as much as normal. This applies especially to the people of TVP but also to all participating broadcasters from the other countries,” said Österdahl.

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest, taking place in Poland this year, is Österdahl’s first as ‘executive supervisor’ after the departure of Jon Ola Sand. Challenges like this year also provide new opportunities, according to the Swede. “We will see that too on Sunday: a group of young people who kept their dream alive,” he said.

“The highest level technology allows us to be together despite the limitations. It will therefore be a very special show, which will probably be remembered for a long time. This show shows the true spirit of Eurovision. It shows that we can be resilient, innovative and work well together. “

Due to the corona crisis, all twelve artists will perform in the final from their own country on Sunday. There is also no audience at the show. Girl group UNITY is participating on behalf of the Netherlands. The ballot boxes have been open since Friday evening. In contrast to the big Eurovision song contest, you can also vote on your own country.


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