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Song Billie Eilish “Ultimate James Bond Song”

“I like the song very much”, singer Dorona Alberti responds NOS Radio 1 Journal. At the end of this month she will tour with the Metropole Orchestra with a performance with bond numbers. “After listening for the first time, I still doubted a bit, but just like Skyfall I think we will ultimately see this as the ultimate bond song “.

Alberti finds No Time To Die no classic bond number. And according to her that is due to the restrained way of singing Eilish. “We’ve seen that before, but those songs have never been a huge success. Like Writing’s on the Wall from Sam Smith, “she explains.” But with Billie Eilish it is precisely in small things that the big gesture is. She sings very softly and restrained, but you can feel that there is enormous tension behind it. That is also the case in this issue, it contains a lot of sadness and frustration. “

And that fits Alberti according to the 25th national film. “What we already know about the film is that it is not going to be the most cheerful. The films are becoming more and more raw and human. James Bond is once again being deceived by a great love in the new film, at least that makes this song suggest.”

No Time To Die will premiere in April. It is the last James Bond film with Daniel Craig in the role of the British spy.


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