Son Robert Doornbos and Chantal Bles had to go to hospital

Josh is doing much better now, but his parents were quite upset. “I’m so proud of my little friend,” Robert writes with a photo of his little boy, who has received a certificate of prowess. The former driver assures his followers that the boy is doing well and that he can ‘go home today’. Chantal’s son is said to have had a viral infection, but which one is unclear.

Robert’s followers are sorry for Josh. “Gosh, heavy on you,” one of them responds to the message. “What are you beating,” says another, referring to Robert and Chantal’s daughter who had cancer. Jada has been declared clean for a year now, but was told in 2018 that she has a tumor of 12 by 12 centimeters in her stomach. Luckily things are getting better now and the couple can enjoy quality time with their kids, as shown in the video below.

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