Son of Kiai Jombang, Suspected of Obscenity, Surrendered to Police

Jombang, CNN Indonesia

Child kiai Jombang the suspect in the case molestation female student, Moch Subchi Azal Tsani (MSAT) alias Bechi (42), surrendered on Thursday (7/7) night. MSAT is reportedly on its way to the East Java Regional Police.

This was revealed by the East Java Regional Police Chief Inspector General Pol Nico Afinta. He said the suspect turned himself in half an hour ago.

“Since half an hour ago, he gave himself up,” Nico said on Thursday (7/7).



After surrendering, MSAT was then brought by the team of investigators to the East Java Regional Police, to be handed over to the prosecutor’s office.

“The MSAT was brought to the East Java Police, on the way,” he said.

During the siege process, Nico said, MSAT was actually only in the vicinity of the Shiddiqiyyah Islamic Boarding School, Ploso, Jombang, only.

“It’s been hiding around here all along,” he explained.

The police made an effort to forcefully pick up Bechi, who was a suspect in the sexual harassment case against his own female student. This effort was made after the police had been handling this case for a long time.

Hundreds of joint personnel from the Jombang Police and the East Java Regional Police as well as Brimob troops were deployed to surround the Shiddiqiyah Islamic Boarding School, where Bechi is located.

Fully armed troops rushed to the location at around 07.30 WIB and 08.40 WIB. As a result, the road around the pesantren, namely Jalan Raya Ploso, Jombang, was closed.

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Officials searched Bechi’s hiding place and searched several locations inside the pesantren. The police checked all the rooms, the graves, even the toilets.

As of Thursday afternoon, the police had not been able to arrest Bechi. A witness at the location had said that Bechi fled through the rat path at the Islamic boarding school to hide.

The police also negotiated with the family and senior high school officials. However, they refused to tell where Bechi was hiding.

Muchtar Mu’thi, Bechi’s kiai and father, promised to take his own son to the East Java Regional Police. Muchtar said this to the police, who were trying to force Bechi to pick up.

Meanwhile, a resident at the location said that Bechi’s followers had fought back when the police were about to enter the pesantren area. The situation became tense over the resistance.

As many as 60 Bechi sympathizers were taken to the Jombang Police Station. They were arrested for staging an action during the forced pick-up process for Bechi, at the Shiddiqiyyah Islamic Boarding School.

“A total of 60 people [ditangkap] and in it we are still sorting it out,” said the Head of Public Relations of the East Java Police, Kombes Dirmanto.


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