Son of famous parents: Jáchym Kraus has a partner from Indonesia, Chylková does not understand her

4 – – Jáchym Kraus with his father Jan Kraus

Jáchym Kraus with his father Jan Kraus

You may remember him as the little rascal from the Gympl series, but that’s long gone. The young and talented actor Jáchym Kraus celebrates his 24th birthday today, and his famous parents had to get used to the fact that he is already a grown man. He even found a girlfriend and not just any girlfriend.

Naughty Patrik from the Gympl series has long since rung its bell, and Jáchym Krause is a real hottie. Not if he has the beautiful actress Ivana Chýlková as his mother. He surely inherited the talent from his father, Jan Kraus. But even after that, he has a typical feature, which is a full and large mouth, or a relatively long nose. Big eyes again after Ivana.

He certainly also looks for inspiration in his appearance from his older brothers David and Adam, who wear longer hair and messy hair. Jáchym also succumbed to this trend. And he probably did well, because he charmed an exotic beauty for whom he even left the warmth of the family hearth.

Jáchym left his native nest and fled abroad

And not that he moved to another district or city, but he moved directly to another continent, which of course makes his actor parents sad. Especially now, when traveling around the world is difficult and who knows what the next wave of the pandemic will bring.

The last time he was supposed to meet his parents was in Asia, which his father jokingly commented on the broadcast on Frequency 1.

“He handled it, it seems he would like to see his parents too. It is also directly related to existential concerns. It’s good to say hello to your parents sometimes. Especially before payments and such,” laughed the successful actor and presenter.

The parents don’t talk much with the new girlfriend, because she doesn’t speak English

“Jáchym goes out with Dianka, who is half Czech, half Indonesian, but she grew up in Indonesia until she was fourteen,” Ivana Chýlková revealed to Moje psychologie magazine, adding that the beauty mainly speaks English.

“I wanted to learn English, but I didn’t succeed. I went into it with courage and determination, but unfortunately English is a language I have struggled with for many years and I am basically allergic to it,” Ivana admitted.

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