Son born from ‘trampling’ helped mother get justice almost 30 years ago

India: Son born from ‘trampling’ helped mother get justice almost 30 years ago

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11 Aug. BBC Reports the story of an Indian woman who was repeatedly raped by two brothers almost 30 years ago and now hopes to finally get justice. after receiving help from The son born of the “trampling”

This woman is in Uttar Pradesh. north of the country She was raped by two brothers for six months when she was only 12, and her son was adopted. But he returned to his mother 13 years later and encouraged her to file a lawsuit against the two men who raped her.

And 10 days ago (July 31), the police arrested one of the suspects. and detained the second suspect on Wednesday, Aug. 10.

This woman told the BBC that “This event has been around for a very long time. But the wounds that had occurred had not yet healed. It made my life stand still. And I remember that moment time and time again.”

“They instilled fear in my heart.”

This rape woman Anonymous under Indian law said the incident took place in 1994 in Shahjahanpur. Mr Mohammed Razi and Mr Naki Hasan Two brothers live in the neighborhood. Will jump over the walls of her house and sexually assault her whenever she’s alone.

She found herself pregnant when her health began to deteriorate. and sister took her to the doctor But the doctor denied the abortion. Due to weak health and young age And as soon as the baby opens his eyes to see the world adopted

“I have been suffering a lot for this child. But I didn’t even get a chance to see his face. When I asked my mother, she said, ‘You will have a second chance in life,’ ” she said, adding: She and her family did not report to the police as she lived in fear of the two suspects.

“They threatened to kill my family. and set fire to my house If I told someone I was raped my dream is to be a policeman but because those two So all my dreams come to an end. I didn’t go to school I can’t study,” she said.

She and her family later moved to Rampur to escape painful memories of her previous home. In 2000, she married and had a second child. She hopes that this new role will help her forget the past. But after six years of marriage, the husband learns that his wife has been raped and blames her for the cause.

After her husband drove her and her son out of the house So she went to live with her sister and her family.

son searching for truth

her first son who was adopted also face a wide range of discrimination Due to the child’s identity, she said her son grew up hearing neighbors say it was not the child of the parents living together. And that made the son know that he was adopted.

13 years after mother and son separated Adoptive parents return their son to the birth mother. But the son wanted to know who the father was. Because there is no surname, which in India is often the father’s name. so was friends in school mock

The son would ask his mother about his fathers all the time and didn’t get an answer. which made him extremely sad She said that her son would tell her He couldn’t live without his father’s name like this. and threatened to kill himself if she did not reveal his father’s name.

She said that at first scolded her son for asking. But in the end, she agreed and told the truth. But instead of the son being shocked Instead, she was her greatest supporter, telling her, “You must fight this battle and teach the perpetrators a lesson.”

“If my mother talks about what happened Maybe someone said more too. That will make our case more powerful and the perpetrators will be punished. It will send a message to the society that No one will get help after a crime,” Son said.

Mohammed Rasi was arrested on Sunday, July 31 / OpIndia.

fight for justice

with encouragement from son She revisited Shahjahanpur in 2020, but found it difficult to prosecute the two accused. And when the police refuse to take the case because it’s been too long. So she contacted a lawyer.

But the lawyer himself hesitated as well. He said it was difficult to fight a case that was nearly 30 years old as the house she lived in as a child had changed beyond recognition. She couldn’t even find the old house. and unable to trace the two suspects

“How do you prove where you lived three decades and that’s where you were raped?” her lawyer asked. as she said “We will bring you the evidence. You take our case.”

Attorney appeals to the court. and by order of the Chief Justice of Shah Jahanpur A lawsuit was filed against the two suspects in March. 2021

She said the police asked her to find the two suspects. “I met them and spoke to them on the phone. They recognized me and asked me why I wasn’t dead. I said now it’s time for you to die.”

Naki Hasan was arrested Wednesday, Aug. 10 / Times of India.

evidence and arrest

Even after the two accused But there is no conclusive evidence that the two suspects committed the crime. The evidence was obtained from a genetic material (DNA) test in Feb. 65.

S infinite Senior Superintendent of Police Shah Jahanpur told the BBC: “This is a very unexpected case. When this woman came out to file a lawsuit. We were quite surprised. But we took the opportunity and took a sample of her son’s DNA.”

while Dharmendra Kumar Gupta Police Inspector of Shah Jahanpur “We then took DNA samples from the two suspects and examined them. One of them matches the son’s DNA sample.”

One of the accused was arrested on July 31, and later Wednesday, August 10, police said they had detained the second. Both defendants did not testify about the allegations.

The woman said she wanted her story to inspire others to come out and commit crimes against them. “The others sat quietly. I sat quietly and thought that this was what was determined in my destiny. but no such We have to go to the police so that no one else has to put up with what we need to do.”

As for his son, he said he was delighted that the two suspects had been captured.

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