Sommerhytta Winner Øyunn Krogh Reveals Her Relationship Status and Dating Challenges

Sommerhytta Winner Øyunn Krogh Reveals Her Relationship Status and Dating Challenges

Norwegians were introduced to Øyunn Krogh and her then-boyfriend Levi Try (26) through the TV program “Sommerhytta”. The couple came out victorious, winning the cabin they had built over several weeks.

– Pernille doesn’t laugh at me

Last year, the news came that Krogh and Try had gone their separate ways, and afterwards the former has been open about the fact that she has dated a mysterious man.

The flirtation, however, came to nothing more, and when Se og Hør met Krogh at the gala premiere at Wallmans, the 28-year-old lifted the veil on his marital status.

ONE YEAR: Øyunn Krogh has managed to be single for a year, after she and “Sommerhytta” boyfriend Levi Try broke up last year. Nevertheless, she feels that now is when the real work starts. Reporter and video: Thea Hope/ Rød Løper Show more

Krogh admitted that things are quiet on the dating front.

– I’m still super single, she explained, and added:

– But I have decided to date myself. I think it’s time to stop looking. Then I’d rather be disproved and convinced by a dream prince, hopefully.

– It was a simple choice

Krogh has previously opened up about the challenges of dating people who have seen her on the TV screen.

– It’s a bit strange when I don’t know anything about the person I meet, but they can know an awful lot about me. I was on a date recently with someone who had prepared 20 questions about “the whole of Norway’s Øyunn Krogh”, and that’s not quite what I want, she has previously told Se og Hør.

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FLAUSE: Øyunn Krogh lifts the veil on dating life. Reporter: Victoria Løvik. Video: Nora Skavhaug. view more

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