some Poitiers CHU employees ready to lose their jobs

On the Poitiers CHU sites (the Hospital Center and the 4 other sites which depend on it) 97% of the 9,150 staff would be vaccinated with the two doses announces the direction. For others, it is mandatory to have entered a vaccination schedule. To put it simply, it’s at least one dose and one negative test while waiting for the 2nd injection. This tolerance runs until mid-October. Today there are between 300 and 400 people who have not yet provided proof of their vaccination schedule. All staff must comply with it: doctors, interns, nurses, administrators, technicians, etc.)

I am grieving my job

However, some say they are opposed to this obligation and are ready to stand even if they lose their jobs. Example with an administrative employee of the Poitiers University Hospital that we met: “From today Wednesday I can no longer come to work, I can not come to practice, I no longer have the right to be in contact with my colleagues, the patients. Today I do not wish to return to work. a vaccination schedule, I have not received the 1st dose of vaccine, I need to take my time. It is a reflection that I have and everyone must have the choice of wanting to be vaccinated or not“Today the young woman says she is determined” So it starts with a layoff, but I don’t see how they could fire us in the long term. I am ready anyway to lose my job, today very clearly I am in the process of mourning my job. I may have to leave the CHU and even have to reorient myself.”

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