Some patients with covid could move to hotels

The aim of the proposed measure is to increase the free capacity of hospitals for acutely ill patients with coronavirus. Prymula told Impuls radio on Wednesday. According to the Ministry of Health, 1,387 coronavirus infections are hospitalized in the Czech Republic.

According to Prymul’s earlier information, up to 42 percent of those hospitalized who do not need any medical care only have nowhere to go because, for example, they live in a facility for the elderly, which has no way to isolate them so as not to infect other clients.

The move to hotels should be about dominantly so-called social hospitalizations, the minister said. “People who don’t need care and are actually just waiting to be placed in social facilities,” he explained. According to Prymul, moving these people to hotels would not pose any problem with the provision of care and, given the low occupancy of hotels, it would be beneficial for both parties.

Hotels are free

According to Prymula, in the second half of October there may be such a requirement for hospital capacity that it will be necessary to significantly reduce the planned services. “So it is logically better to free up capacity with people who are really there for social reasons,” Impuls said on radio.

The Minister has so far refused to build temporary or field hospitals. “We are trying to free up sufficient capacity within the existing facilities,” he said.

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