Some old lire are worth more than 5000 euros: here are what!

Ah, the old lire! Just to hear them mentioned, in many a surge of nostalgia is triggered. These coins and banknotes have no longer been part of our daily life. But be careful: when you find them, they absolutely must not be thrown away. Why? Because some pieces can be worth thousands and thousands of euros, even 5000. If you want to know exactly which collectible lire are worth a fortune, in the next few lines you will find several valuable information about it.

Lire that are worth more

Entering the heart of old lire that are worth more, a dutiful mention must be dedicated to the 10 lire coin of 1946. If kept in uncirculated state, that is the best possible state for a coin, this old lira from the first year of the unification of Italy can be worth up to 6000 euros.

In the context of the old lire dating back to the early years after the war, the case of the 10 lire of 1947 is noteworthy. 10 read Pegaso, characterized by the presence of the mythological winged horse on one of the sides, and the 10 olive lire. Also in this case the reason for the name is clear and can be traced back to the possibility of finding, on one of the faces, a branch of the plant, symbol of Greek culture.

No doubt about it: there are so many examples of old lira that can be worth a lot of money today. Taking a leap forward from the post-war period to the threshold of the legendary 60s – to be precise in 1958 – let’s talk about 50 lire coin. If kept in mint condition, this fantastic testimony of the economic boom period can be worth up to 2000 euros.

Let’s go back to the 40s for a moment and let’s talk about the 2 lire coin from 1946. In this case, we are dealing with a piece that depicts an ear on one side – hence the name of ‘lire spiga’ – and on the other a farmer plowing the land. If kept in excellent condition, this late 1940s coin can be worth up to 1800 euros.

Worthy of mention is also the case of the so-called orange lira. Dating back to 1947 and depicting a woman with a head decorated with spikes on one side and an orange on the other, in uncirculated state it can be worth up to 1800 euros. We conclude by remembering that, if you intend to sell or buy old lire, the best thing to do is to contact specialized portals, so as to be sure of the authenticity of the pieces.

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