Some of the migrants entering Lithuania could be related to terrorist organizations – Abroad – News

According to him, one of these people has already been deported, three more are planned to be deported, but ten have been identified and are still being observed.

“For 13 or 14 people, there are indications of possible links to certain terrorist organizations. Three people have been identified, one has been deported, others are waiting in line for deportation. The others are still being screened, isolated from other illegal immigrants and isolated, “The Deputy Minister pointed out, adding that expulsion decisions will be taken as soon as all procedures have been completed and the situation is completely clear.

“There are people who have fought in Syria on the side of the jihadist group” Islamic State “, there are also people who have had experience in other military conflicts,” Lanchins said.

Laurīns Kasčūns, Chairman of the National Security and Defense Committee of the Lithuanian Seimas, told the portal on Friday morning that “more than ten persons who have entered Lithuania as illegal migrants and who are already known to be related to this or another terrorist organization have been identified. or grouping “.

As reported, with the sharp increase in the flow of illegal immigrants across the Belarusian border, Lithuania declared a state of emergency in the summer. Since August 3, according to the order of the Minister of the Interior Agne Bilotaite, Lithuanian border guards have forced migrants to return.

From the beginning of the year until now, more than 4,200 illegal migrants have been detained in Lithuania, but since the order came into force, more than three thousand foreigners have been banned from crossing the border in unauthorized places.

Lithuanian officials point out that the Belarussian regime is deliberately facilitating the flow of migrants across the border, as Lithuania supports the democratic opposition in Belarus and has given asylum to its leader Svyatlan Cihanouska.



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