Some features of Mac OS Monterey require an M1 chip

Mac OS Monterey offers a lot of news, but now it is clear that a Mac with an M1 chip is required to be able to use all the functions of the operating system.

For example, users with an Intel Mac will not be able to use Live Text, a feature that allows them to copy or translate text into images. Nor will it be possible to use the interactive globe or the detailed maps of cities such as London, New York and Los Angeles, reports Macrumors.

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Another long-awaited function that requires an M1 chip is text to speech in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish. In other words, Intel users have to settle for other languages ​​such as English and French.

According to developer Rene Ritchie, the main reason why certain features are not released for Intel-Macs is that they use the neural engine found in the M1 chip.



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