Some domestic flights departed from Kabul Airport, aid arrived from Qatar – ČT24 – Czech Television

The planes from Kabul Airport were headed to the province of Herat in the west of the country, Kandahar in the south and to the northern province of Balkh. The radar system is not working at the airport yet.

More than 120,000 foreigners and their Afghan associates were evacuated from the airport in the second half of August, who decided to leave after the Taliban took control of virtually the entire country, including the metropolis. The civilian part of the international airport was closed and the evacuations took place from the military part, which was guarded by American soldiers. They withdrew on Monday.

Qatari and Turkish technicians

A few days ago, a team of Qatari and Turkish technicians arrived in Kabul to help restore the operation of the airport, which the UN says is key to importing humanitarian aid into Afghanistan. The Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Sunday that it had flown a consignment of food and medical supplies to Kabul on Saturday. The emirate wants to send planes with humanitarian aid in the Persian Gulf daily in the coming days.

Reuters reports that Qatar has become a key intermediary between Western countries and the Taliban. The Afghan movement in the Qatari metropolis of Doha established its political representation in 2013. Later, the city negotiated with the United States, and last February, an agreement was reached to withdraw Allied troops.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) said late last month that half of Afghanistan’s 40 million people needed humanitarian aid earlier this year, including ten million children. According to the IOM, these numbers will increase.



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