Some are Hoarded and Smuggled Abroad

JAKARTA, – Minister of Trade (Trade Minister) Muhammad Lutfi suspects that there are elements who dare to play games cooking oilthus causing people to still find it difficult to get cooking oil at low prices.

Even though he said, actually the cooking oil stock owned by the government was sufficient and even abundant resulting from the implementation of the DMO policy (domestic market obligation) and DPO (domestic price obligation).

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“We are talking about all of Indonesia, this 390 million liters are for all of Indonesia, as of yesterday it was 415 million liters in just 20 days,” said the Minister of Trade during a visit to the Kebayoran Lama Market, Wednesday (9/3/2022).

The Trade Minister explained that there are two possible reasons why rare cooking oil in the market.

First, because of leaks for industries which are then sold at prices not according to government standards. Second, there is smuggling from a number of individuals.

“I will take these two actions according to the law,” said the Trade Minister.

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The Trade Minister also said that the availability of cooking oil is plentiful but scarce in the market because there are several people who hoard it.

The proceeds of the pile are then sold abroad at prices that apply at the global level.

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“So there are those who hoard, are sold to industry or some are smuggled abroad, this is against the law,” said Lutfi.

“Anyway, we are still trying, international prices may be as high as possible, national prices are still affordable and available,” he continued.

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