Solved the true mystery of Elizabeth II’s death and what happened to Harry

It has been several days since they were buried Queen Elizabeth II after more than a week of events and tributes (and tensions between some members of the royal family, of course). Although the palace Buckingham has not commented, now finally, Death certificate of Elizabeth II, signed by his daughter, Princess Anne, came to light through the National Registry of Scotland, the country where the British queen died on 8 September 2022, precisely in her private residence at Balmoral Castle. But… What time did he die and why did it take so long to inform one of his grandchildren?

That document reveals that the monarch passed away at the age of 96 for natural causes (although it is also said that she died of a broken heart after the death of her husband) linked to her advanced age, and also specifies that his death occurred at 3:10 am afternoon minutes. The information was not officially announced by Buckingham Palace. until 18:30, local time and according to reports at the time, only the current king, Carlos III, and his younger sister were with their mother at the time of her death, as the rest of the royal family were still on their way. All but one. Guess what?

Obviously we are talking Prince Harry (38). Media such as the Daily Mail wonder why no one immediately informed Harry, that it took him more than three hours to find out that his grandmother was dead. And of course this would be because they weren’t safe in the family though Meghan Markle (41) should I travel with him or not. The usual, go.

In the end, as this very medium says, Harry took a private jet from Luton at 5:35 pm, landing in Aberdeen at 6:47 pm. Sources from the palace have already confirmed this his father managed to contact Harry at 6:25 am, when I was already flying there, and only five minutes before the news was officially announced to the world. Wow man what a coincidence.

As they say, Charles III had already called Harry and his brother William that day to tell them to go to Scotland. as fast as possible because his grandmother was regular. But there are two crucial hours and 25 minutes left between the Queen’s death and Harry’s take-off, when there appears to have been no communication between the prince and his family.

Instead, Prime Minister Liz Truss was briefed at 4:30 pm. The palace officials refuse to speak of this sauce but other real sources have said it the king doesn’t have a cell phone and his schedule is such that calls between him and his family usually have to be “scheduled”. come on what they have to resort to calling the staff or even one of their police bodyguards to try to get an urgent message for you.

Others said the king probably wanted to tell his son personally, but with time ticking for the release of the official death announcement, he simply ran out of time.

What would actually happen?

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