News Solve the main puzzle of the solar system

Solve the main puzzle of the solar system

“>Solve the main puzzle of the solar system

The International Astronomical Union / Wikimedia

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Scientists at the University of Colorado at Boulder have proposed solving the puzzle of splitting water in the solar system – fictitious lines separating the rocky planets and gas giants.

According to EurekAlert, researchers assume that the solar system in its beginning was divided into two halves with a circular structure similar to the rocky mountains in North America, which divides the continent into eastern and western parts. And the department contained alternating parts of gas and dust of different density that formed different warehouses for the materials. In one of these warehouses were the planets of Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. In another warehouse the planets of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune were formed.

But the “Great Partition” did not provide ideal isolation. Therefore, some volatile substances penetrated into the central part of the solar system from the outer region. These played an important role in shaping the atmosphere and the hydrosphere of the Earth.

Source: Linta. Ru


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