Solutions to Overcome Erectile Dysfunction, Already Know? – Virility Men are usually seen from the areas of muscle or the clothes that are worn on a daily basis.

In fact, “action” in bed also shows how manly or mighty a man is.

Disturbance conditions sexual like dysfunction erection can reduce self-confidence, to male self-esteem. Because, he felt unable to satisfy his partner.

However erectile dysfunction basically can be overcome by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

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According to Dr. Dyandra Parikesit, BMedSc, SpU, a urology specialist at the University of Indonesia Hospital, the way to treat erectile dysfunction is relatively simple.

“Avoid risk factors that trigger erectile dysfunction. For those who already have heart disease or diabetes, the disease can be controlled.”

That was the narrative of Dyandra in the Exclusive Media Talk with Topgra which was held on Thursday (8/4/2021) afternoon.

“Also stop smoking, drinking alcohol and other unhealthy habits.”

“One of the risk factors such as increasing age cannot be modified, but we can avoid other factors,” continued Dyandra.

He also reminded the importance of exercising to help overcome erectile dysfunction.


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