Solok DPRD Meeting Chaotic, Ashtray Floating and Almost Fighting

Padang, CNN Indonesia

District DPRD plenary meeting Solo, West Sumatra, in progress chaotic. The members of the council were involved in throwing ashtrays at each other, turning the table and almost a fistfight between the members of the council.

The session that discussed the RPJMD of Solok Regency took place on Wednesday (18/8). The video is viral on social media.

The plenary session of the submission of the report on the results of the discussion of the Regional Medium-Term Development Meeting (RPJMD) was chaired directly by the chairman of the Solok Regency DPRD, Dodi Hendra. The regional planning meeting started at 11:00 WIB, which was marked by the knock of a hammer.

When Dodi had just submitted his report, several instructions appeared from one of the trial members. The person who asked the question was Nazar Bakri, from the PKS faction and followed by an interruption from Hafni Hafis from the Gerindra faction.

When Hafni Hafis expressed his opinion, the other council members interrupted each other. Interrupted rain made the atmosphere of the room noisy and uncontrollable.

During the rioting, a number of glass ashtrays were thrown on the floor and shattered. There is also the table being turned over and the pushing action that triggers a scuffle.

It was seen that the action was successfully broken up by the Satpol PP who was also present for security. However, the commotion continued until they left the courtroom. The trial was forced to be suspended by choosing an internal board meeting. contacted the Secretary of the Council and Satpol PP of Solok Regency to find out the trigger for the chaos, but have not received a response.


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