Solo FO at Sainte-Marie Park

The CFDT and FO stood apart and did not join the traditional parade of 1is May, Sunday, in the streets of Nancy. The first union organized a festive and demanding afternoon at the Parc de la Pépinière. Same procedure for FO who planted tents, chairs and a refreshment bar in another park, that of Sainte-Marie.

It was therefore a question of meeting up with activists, discussing and having a good time. “We want to break the codes and show that trade unionism is also fraternity and solidarity”, summarizes the departmental secretary of FO 54, Frédéric Nicolas.

“If we want to attract young people, we have to stop always organizing the same parade”, adds Christian Grolier, the national boss of FO-civil service who came to Nancy for the occasion where a rock concert was on the program.

But it’s not just a matter of form. The background matters too. Unlike the CFDT, FO is not so far from the positions of the CGT and therefore could very well have found its place in the morning procession. The defense of purchasing power and the pension system are also at the top of his concerns.

“But there was also a watchword to block the far right. But we do not want political demands. We never give voting instructions. We don’t mix genres. This is a founding principle of our union,” explains Frédéric Nicolas. “We are not directors of conscience”, adds Christian Grolier. A 1is but unitary therefore does not seem for tomorrow, nor the day after tomorrow.

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