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- – On Sunday (7/12/2020), the number of positive cases Covid-19 of Solo, Central Java, increased by 18 people.

Thus, the number of patients is positive corona virus which has been confirmed in Solo as many as 63 people until last Sunday.

The details are 37 recovered, 22 hospitalized, and 4 people died.

The addition of daily cases as 18 cases is the highest record since Solo first confirmed positive case findings in early March.

With the addition of this case, the Chairperson of the Solo Covid-19 Solo Task Force Acceleration Task Force, Ahyani, said that Solo had entered black zone.

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What is meant by black zone?

Spokesperson for Covid-19 UNS Solo Task Force Tonang Dwi Ardyanto mentioned that actually the black zone is not included in the term leveling on concepts in the Covid-19 Task Force.

“Actually, we don’t know the words of the black zone area. We only know leveling-“Since from green, then yellow, then orange, and finally red,” Tonang said, beginning his explanation to, Monday (07/13/2020) afternoon.

The meanings of the colors are as follows:

  • Green: There are no positive cases
  • Yellow: There are cases but the spread is still under control
  • Orange: Its spread is high and has the potential to be out of control
  • Red: The addition of many cases and their spread risks uncontrolled

Then, why is Solo called a black zone?

According to Tonang, the mention of the black zone is likely to emphasize the community to remain vigilant.

“Perhaps the mention of the black zone is to emphasize the surge that occurred. However, we hope leveling-it remains in accordance with before, which is the maximum in the red zone, “he said.

Tonang acknowledged that 18 new cases reported yesterday showed a very sharp increase.

“Then, in Solo, there were also potentials to watch out for and could lead to an explosion of cases because at some points there were indeed quite high activities such as markets and other public places,” he continued.

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Records of handling Covid-19 in Solo ABOUT IT Special isolation room prepared by Dr. Moewardi Hospital Surakarta to treat patients with the Corona virus indicated on Monday (1/27/2020).

According to Tonang, until about a week ago, the condition of the Covid-19 case or pandemic remained relatively under control.

“The case at that time was added 1-2, counted a little. That is why then when yesterday emerged a high number of daily cases, Solo was called a black zone,” he said.

Regarding the handling situation of Covid-19 in Solo, Tonang considered, the situation was better because there was an increase in the PCR inspection capacity.

“If the inspection capacity is sufficient, it will provide results that truly describe the current conditions,” he said.

After complete data is obtained, the steps or policies taken will be appropriate.

Next, make the public aware of the conditions of adaptation of this new habit that cannot be implemented immediately, but has conditions.

“Second, while proceeding to increase the PCR inspection capacity, we must make the community aware that the adaptation period for this new habit has conditions,” Tonang continued.

One of the conditions is ensuring compliance with health protocols, both personal (washing hands, wearing masks, keeping a distance) and community (avoiding crowds, shortening meeting / meeting time, ventilation in shared rooms).

“These two things must be held right so that we can enter into the adaptation period for this new habit,” Tonang said.

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Not ready

Even so, Tonang acknowledged that based on the data, it appeared that he was not yet ready to enter into a period of adaptation to new habits.

“But due to various considerations such as economics and other considerations that we must be aware of, we are taking a way to enter this time knowing that we are actually not ready,” said Tonang.

“Since we cannot escape, let us enter but must obey the health protocol properly,” he continued.

In addition, Tonang said the need to pay attention to the capacity of the health service process, both in terms of the availability of hospitals to be able to serve patients or tracing (tracking).

“This is why there are tests, tracing, and isolation. So, there is a ratio between tests, tracing, and isolation,” Tonang said.

That is, the ratio between the number of people checked and those confirmed positive, compared with the results tracing those around him and those who were isolated.

Steps to overcome the spread of a pandemic

With these conditions, Tonang said, serious steps must be taken to deal with the spread of this corona virus.

“If it is not implemented, it will indeed be difficult to overcome it,” he said.

According to Tonang, there are three aspects that need to be realized and addressed to overcome this pandemic, namely as follows:

  1. How all components maintain discipline and adhere to health protocols
  2. Self-awareness that the condition of the pandemic is not really over
  3. Serious government attention between tests, tracking and isolation.


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