Solingen: Christiane K. killed her 5 children, only son Marcel survived

Mother protests innocence and speaks of a masked stranger

Christiane K. from Solingen is said to have stunned five of her six children and then drowned them in the bathtub. Only the then 11-year-old son Marcel survived because she sent him to his grandma. “Why can a mother kill all of her children?” Asks neighbor Soraya Touati (45). One of many questions that the judges at the Wuppertal Regional Court must clarify from today.

Neighbor Soraya Touati: “She should atone for every child”

Soraya Touati is still deeply moved by what happened in her neighborhood. On the day of the day, a Thursday in early September 2020, the 45-year-old is in her apartment in the Hasseldelle district of Solingen. Christiane K. knows them by sight, they greet each other. Christiane’s eldest son Marcel and Soraya’s son often play together in the settlement’s playground. Marcel and his five siblings Melina (1), Leonie (2), Sophie (3), Timo (6) and Luca (8) make a calm impression on them. Soraya Touati has been tormenting herself with allegations since her own mother killed her.

“I always think, maybe I could have helped. If she had said something, I would have taken the children or helped her. That wrecks me,” she tells RTL reporter Valerio Magno with tears in her eyes. She couldn’t sleep for weeks after the unbelievable crime and has to seek psychological help in order to understand and deal with the horrific crime.

Soraya Touati (45) hopes for a just punishment for Christiane K.


Cruel allegations by the Wuppertal public prosecutor’s office against Christiane K.

When Soraya thinks about what Christiane K. is accused of by the Wuppertal public prosecutor’s office, she gets goose bumps and trembles. First of all, the mother, who was 27 at the time of the crime, is said to have made breakfast for her children and secretly stirred narcotics into the drinks. When the little ones fell asleep, Christiane K. is said to have let water in the bathtub and picked out bath toys. Then she is said to have woken the children one by one and led them into the bathroom. Christiane K. is said to have suffocated or drowned the three girls and two boys. After the fact, she is said to have wrapped the children in towels and put them back on their bed.

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She feels anger and hatred for her mother, says Soraya Louati. “How can you crush a child, such a small body, in water? I don’t understand.” Only the eldest son Marcel survived unharmed. His mother had sent him to see grandma in the Lower Rhine region. After the insane act she was accused of, Christiane K. threw herself in front of a train in Düsseldorf Central Station, but survived the suicide attempt. So far, the German has always protested her innocence: a masked stranger broke into her apartment and killed the children. For this version, however, no traces or starting points were discovered, a spokesman for the prosecutor had said. There is nothing to suggest that it could have been so.

Christiane K. is said to have cruelly killed five of her six children - only the eldest son Marcel survived

Christiane K. is said to have cruelly killed five of her six children – only the eldest son Marcel survived

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In fact, a new family now lives in the apartment

The whole neighborhood in the multi-family housing estate is still deeply affected and moved by the unbelievable deed. “That stays in our heads forever anyway,” says another neighbor to RTL reporter Valerio Magno. “She killed five children. There’s no excuse for that.” She lives just a few steps away from the unfortunate apartment.

A family of six has been living there again since June 1st. In 2015, father, mother and their four children came to Germany as refugees from Syria. Do you know what happened in your apartment? “In the beginning the thought was hard to bear for my parents. But we urgently needed an apartment and that is why my parents accepted the apartment that the city of Solingen had offered us. We are refugees and have seen a lot of terrible things,” says Sohn Abdullah Al Khatib. “We pray for the children who have died.”

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The incredible family drama took place in this apartment in Solingen.

The incredible family drama took place in this apartment in Solingen.


The surviving son Marcel lost everything

From Monday, June 14th, Christiane K. will now have to answer for her actions before the Wuppertal district court. The prosecution cites treachery for the murder charge. She took advantage of the innocence and defenselessness of her children to act typically insidious. It is unclear whether Christiane K. will speak up in court and try to explain what she did. Her former neighbors will be watching the young mother’s trial. “If she has done that in full consciousness, then she should get her sentence. Then my hatred is even greater,” explains Soraya Touati. The 45-year-old makes bitter accusations against Christiane K.: “What is difficult about saying to someone, ‘Look out, I have the feeling that I’m killing my children. I think I’ll do it. Help me, immediately.’ I would have helped immediately. “

The family was already known to the city youth welfare office before the crime. She was also given support, but the mother refused any further offers of help. There were no indications that the children could be in danger. Why Christiane K. did not seek help and why her children had to die can perhaps be clarified in the course of the process. Neighbor Soraya also regularly thinks of surviving son Marcel: “I’m really sorry for him,” because the boy has lost everything. Mother and siblings, everything that was at home for him. (lha)

Help with thoughts of suicide

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