Solidarity rowing strokes to fight against breast cancer

  • Dénia hosts on Sunday a challenge organized by the Club de Rem Marina de Dénia in collaboration with the federation, to raise public awareness and raise funds for the fight against the disease

The most supportive rowing meets next Sunday in Dénia with the I Challenge 100 Solidarity Shovels SUMA 2021 organized by the Club de Rem Marina de Dénia in collaboration with the Rowing Federation of the Valencian Community; and that is sponsored by SUMA Gestión Tributaria. The objective of this event is to value those people who have suffered from breast cancer and to make society aware of its importance, in addition to raising funds for this cause. A beautiful solidarity morning that also aims to bring rowing closer to citizens who have not yet practiced it.

The event will take place in the Marina de Dénia and starts at 9 in the morning with a rowing promotion day, in which this sport is open to the public. Participants will get on a ‘llaüt valencià’ felucca type boat for the first time and will be able to learn first-hand how this sport works. Interested users can go to the registration area, located in the port of Dénia, until 10 in the morning.

After two hours of initiation, the Challenge will arrive, starting at 11 am. It is organized into two categories: Brave, in which the eight rowers fulfill the characteristic of having overcome breast cancer or a related disease; and Equal, where at least one of the representatives of each team has suffered from this disease, while the rest of the athletes have an annual non-competitive license. The vessels will travel a distance of between 350 and 400 meters, without tacking; in a regatta course located in front of the Marineta Casiana Beach, in the town of Dianense.

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Commemorative and solidarity t-shirt

Citizens will be able to try rowing for free thanks to the Federation and SUMA Tax Management; And those who want to collaborate with this cause can contribute 5 euros and will receive a commemorative gift t-shirt that has been designed by the Club Rem Marina de Dénia. The acquisition of this shirt will be made in the registration area. The money raised will go to the Amunt Against Cancer association. There is more information about the event on the Federation’s website ( The day will end with a popular meal.

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