Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed a whole column of Russian equipment near Lisichansk (video)

As a result of strikes by Ukrainian forces, enemy armored vehicles are on fire.

Ukrainian defenders dealt a crushing blow to a column of Russian troops on the approaches to Lysychanskwhere fierce battles never cease for a minute.

Video of the work of the Armed Forces of Ukraine made public on his twitter “Come back alive” foundation. It was filmed by a drone, which the team handed over to the needs of the army.

So the Russians were on fire the other day near Lisichansk, the caption to the video says.

Let’s add that according to American Institute for the Study of War (ISW), Russian troops continue to try to surround Lisichansk, leading offensive operations to the south and southwest of the city, but without result. They also failed to capture the Lisichansk gelatin plant, although the RF Ministry of Defense has already announced this.

Also, Russian troops stepped up hostilities in the Liman region, trying to cut off Ukrainian logistics routes to Lysichansk.

According to the representative of the National Guard Ruslan Muzychuk, there are fierce battles near Lisichansk, but the city is under the control of Ukrainian troops. Now the situation remains the most difficult in the Lisichansk and Bakhmut directions, as well as in the Kharkiv region.

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