Sold 1.2 million World Cup-2022 tickets, 40 million requests (organizer)

The number of tickets sold for World Cup-2022 matches rises to 1.2 million after the second sales phase, said the secretary general of the organizing committee, Hassan Al-Thawadi, this Wednesday at the Qatar Economic Forum.

In total, the organizers of the first World Cup in an Arab country, from November 21 to December 18, specified that 40 million demands were registered, 17 million in the first phase of sale and 23 million in the second.

I think the petition is a record,” Al-Thawadi said.

There are a total of just over 3 million tickets available (2 million for sale and 1 million reserved for FIFA and its sponsors).

For the next phase of sales, the dates of which are known to us, the first-come, first-served principle will apply, so there will no longer be a raffle.

People buy and want to come, there is no doubt about that”, celebrated Al-Thawadi, when some fan associations are concerned about the prices of flights, accommodation or their rights in the rich and conservative Gulf emirate .

We try to create an environment in which the economy benefits, but which is also affordable and accessible for the fans, which is not always easy to balance, “conceded the manager.

New hotels regularly enter the hostel platform intended for viewers with tickets”, he assured.

When the country has been questioned by NGOs on the issue of respect for human rights, and especially for migrant workers, Al-Thawadi once again insisted on the “progress” made since the award of the tournament in 2010.

(Our) lassitude comes from the misrepresentation of the facts (…) and what is happening on the ground”, he lamented.

Regarding what is the preparation of the tournament, “the main infrastructures are finished and we are now in an operational phase”, which includes accommodation and itineraries, indicated the secretary general of the World Cup-2022.

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